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Our dojo is our training ground, our safe and sacred space.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safety are the cornerstones of our dojo culture.  Here, there is no need or tolerance for put downs, making fun of someone’s mistakes, or making others feel small so we can feel big.  In fact, quite the opposite.  We acknowledge and applaud each other’s efforts and successes, actively seek ways to build each other up, and work hard to bring out the best in each other.  Within this safe and sacred space, we train “for real”.  As we increasingly prove ourselves in our martial arts process, we develop the quiet confidence that doesn’t require us to shout out how great we are.  Our presence is our proof.

Significant growth requires stretching our boundaries, making mistakes and “failing” over and over again.  However, most people have been conditioned to avoid failure at all costs.  Not here!  Here, we frame mistakes as learning experiences, view correction as a guide, and celebrate struggles as a necessary part of progress. 

 As we devote time, energy and sweat to the martial aspect of Aikido, we are accepting the invitation to sculpt our body, mind and spirit into revealing the beautiful, Divine work of art of who we are, then purifying and polishing ourselves into who we want to be. 

 Finally, we believe that we learn and retain most effectively when we are having fun!  We take our training very seriously, and ourselves very lightly.  You’ll enjoy lots of laughter and camaraderie on and off the mat.