Kids' Class Schedule

Tuesdays: 6:00 - 7:00pm

Thursdays: 6:00 - 7:00pm


(480) 336-3910

Classes forming  now! 

Students in our Kid’s Program are Mastering Confidence Development™. 

 “I have become a more confident person in school and everywhere else. When I give answers in class, I project my voice more, and participate more often. I have also become less shy. I have been talking to my friends more, and complimenting people I don't know very well at school. I have become calmer and am developing coping strategies in stressful situations.” –Emma, student with 2 years of training

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Our Kids’ Program is Designed to Deliver:

  1. Increasing focus and concentration
  2. Increasing fitness and flexibility
  3. Developing practical self-defense skills
  4. Developing mental and physical discipline
  5. Developing respect for self and others
  6. Developing harmonious conflict resolution and relationship skills
  7. Developing a collaborative learning environment in which everybody is invested in bringing out the best in themselves, their training partners, and their community!

Classes are led by Tom Joanes Sensei, 4th degree black belt with 22+ years of Aikido training and 17+ years of Aikido teaching. He has a dynamic, engaging style of experiential based instruction, and encourages students to apply the power of Aikido principles in their daily lives for maximum benefit and joy!

Guest instructors are brought in once every 1-2 months which gives students different approaches, perspectives and insights.

Students that have transitioned to the Adult Program and have demonstrated leadership potential are invited to serve as junior assistant instructors for the Kids’ Program, giving them the opportunity to further develop leadership skills and contribute to their dojo community.

Has your child ever been afraid of trying something new...afraid of failing or how they might look?

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