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At our very best, the Aikido we do looks completely fake…yet is an incredibly powerful, effective form of self-defense.  San Tan Aikido Kokikai offers a different kind of martial art, one in which you don’t have to be bigger, stronger or aggressive to be effective.  It’s perfect for those who prefer self-defense skills over martial arts competition, leverage over muscle, harmonious relationship skills that can transfer to personal and professional lives, and those looking to get in better shape while minimizing the wear and tear that comes from other martial arts.  

 Our San Tan Aikido Kokikai dojo serves the Southeast Valley of Phoenix (Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, Higley, San Tan Valley, and Apache Junction).   We are dedicated to developing a strong community of members who are sincere about cultivating the best in themselves, their training partners, and the community.  Our training style recognizes that everybody has unique gifts and learning styles to contribute.  Thus, we invite students to experience Aikido at their pace through whichever learning style(s) best facilitates their learning.  We believe that the best way to learn is to experience, and that the best way to progress is to teach.  So, all our students help each other.  As lifelong learners, Aikidoists are forever the eager student and the facilitative teacher.  

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