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The San Tan Aikido Gilbert AZ School is dedicated to the promotion of the Japanese martial art of Aikido as taught by our Chief Instructor Tom Joanes, Sensei. San Tan Aikido Gilbert AZ is dedicated to providing the highest level of martial arts instruction to you and your family. We are a family focused martial arts school offering Aikido in Gilbert Arizona specializing in programs for children, teens and adults alike. There simply isn’t any other activity that provides the same types of benefits as martial arts training at Aikido Gilbert AZ.

Our unique Children’s Aikido Gilbert AZ Program Builds Kids’

  • Self-Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Defense
  • Physical Fitness
  • Character Development
  • and more importantly it’s FUN!!!

Our Teen and Adult Aikido Gilbert AZ Program Offers

  • Realistic Self-Defense
  • Fitness
  • and many of our students experience a reduction of stress in their daily lives

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to start martial arts we are positive that San Tan Aikido Gilbert AZ has the answers you’re looking for. You and your family will love our martial arts school and we look forward to showing you what makes our Dojo different. Just give us one week, we are sure you and your family will want to become a member of our martial arts school. There simply isn’t any other activity that provides all the same benefits you receive from martial arts training. Our instructors and our school is committed to helping your family experience these benefits first hand and seeing what makes Aikido Gilbert AZ the perfect martial arts school for you.

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“If you want to know “Is it right or wrong?” or “Which is the best choice?”, simply ask yourself, “What is the most life-giving decision?” The more generations of children you consider in answering that question, the more certain you can be in your answer.
”–Sensei Tom Joanes, (refined 2013)